Customer stories: Familink On-Demand Printing API powering

on 2023-09-27

Hundreds of people across Europe are getting their biometric passport photos thanks to Familink On-Demand Photo Print API. How is that possible?

In July 2023, a young new technical product from Familink was integrated into the Online Biometric Photo Generator This new API allows developers to print high-quality photos and have them shipped to end consumers. This opens up a variety of use-cases for indie developers & startups, as well as large corporations.

  • HR-tech products could make it easy to share moments from remote teams by sending photos worldwide with this API.
  • Photo editing and processing apps can integrate with the Familink API; the process might take as little as 30 minutes.
  • Social networks (for instance, Instagram or TikTok, why not) could make it easy to exchange physical photos amongst friends and family.
  • Large on-demand merchandise producing firms (,, etc.) can offload nuanced printing of high-quality photos to Familink’s experienced team.

If you’re a developer looking for a printing partner, don’t hesitate to check out more detailed information on the Print API.

Whenever you are looking to renew your passport and need some photos: check out