A picture is worth a thousand words

At Familink, we believe that photos greatly facilitate dialogue between generations. That’s why we’ve developed solutions that make it easy for family members to share their photos.

Without Internet connection

Photos can be received by those who don’t have Internet, either through the monthly newspaper that arrives in the mailbox or through the digital photo frame that works without Wi-Fi thanks to its built-in 4G SIM card.

As easy as a lamp

Maybe your grandmother is not so tech-savvy. Well, with familink, this is no longer a problem. All she has to do is plug it in! Then just enjoy the photos that will be displayed.


If you don’t want to register or download a new app, you can email your photos directly. Each frame has its own email address.

Many ways to send photos

Send your photos from your computer or your mobile phone: both our frames and our magazines can receive photos via our app or our website, but also via Messenger, Telegram and even email!

Screen or paper ?

Familink is either a connected photo frame that displays photos instantly, or a paper magazine that arrives in your mailbox once a month. But only one app.

Familink devices are automatically connected to the Internet thanks to a 3G/4G connection. They are already paired with a Familink account when we ship them. Remote users only need to download the mobile app or use the web interface to upload pictures to the frame.

Familink Cloud allows you to store and archive your pictures.

How much?

Familink is sold €169.90 (Shipping to Europe). Available Here


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New: Discover the Video Option on your Familink Frame

on 2024-06-06

We’re excited to announce the long-awaited launch of our all-new video subscription! Starting today, you can enjoy a whole new way to express yourself and share your most precious moments with your loved ones. How does a Video Subscription work? The video subscription allows you to send 3 60-second videos per day, with sound.Videos can only be sent via our mobile application. How much does the Video Option cost? You can purchase a subscription:

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Customer stories: Familink On-Demand Printing API powering passport-seflie.com

on 2023-09-27

Hundreds of people across Europe are getting their biometric passport photos thanks to Familink On-Demand Photo Print API. How is that possible? In July 2023, a young new technical product from Familink was integrated into the Online Biometric Photo Generator passport-selfie.com. This new API allows developers to print high-quality photos and have them shipped to end consumers. This opens up a variety of use-cases for indie developers & startups, as well as large corporations.

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Familink: The New Private Social Network For Your Family!

on 2023-03-19

Since 2016, Familink has become the go-to friend for families who want to share memories with their elders, especially those who aren’t tech-savvy or don’t have access to the Internet. A connected photo frame that has evolved with the needs of its users. And this year, we’re taking it one step further! A social shift for Familink Today, Familink isn’t just a way for you to send photos to your grandparents.

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New: The Magazine Familink

on 2021-11-18

From now on, with just a few clicks, families can send their photos and messages on our online platform. These photos are then automatically gathered together as a paper magazine that is sent monthly to the elderly members of the family. This magazine, which works like a subscription, is available to users of our platform, but also to those who do not yet use our services. Both solutions (Familink Frame and Familink Magazine) can be used together or independently.

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