Familink comes with a 3G sim card that can work with several carriers in more than 100 countries Familink can also connect to Internet using Wi-Fi

As easy as a lamp

Maybe you grandmother is not so tech-savvy. Well with familink, this is not a problem anymore. All she will have to do will be to plug the device on power! Then just enjoy the photos that will be displayed.


Familink is equiped with a battery that allows it to stay up to 3 hours unplugged.


If you don’t want to register, nor download a new app, you can send your photos directly by Email. Each frame has its own Email address.

Start sending your photos

Send photos from your device’s gallery or take a new one and send it

Send Print Photos

Your grandma also likes printed photos? With Familink can order printed version of the pictures you sent remotely sur son cadre.

How does it work?

Familink Devices are connected to Internet automatically thanks to a 3G connection. They are already paired with a Familink account when we ship them. Remote Users only have to download the mobile App or use the Web Interface to push pictures to the frame.

Familink Cloud allows you to store your pictures and archive them.

Don’t want to use App? Send Email!

If you want you can set an Email address to your Familink frame. Familink becomes a photo frame with an Email address. It is secured. Only authorised senders can send Email to the photo frame.

How much?

Familink is sold €149.90 (France + Germany only). Available Here


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Familink is a digital frame connected to Internet thanks to a 3G connection. We have partnered with 500+ Mobile operators in order to make it work almost everywhere. But we are not fully wordlwide yet. Of course to send pictures you can be wherever you want, only Internet access is needed. If the device is connected with Wi-Fi, then it can work worlwide. Only 3G service has a geographic restriction

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