New: The Magazine Familink

on 2021-11-18

From now on, with just a few clicks, families can send their photos and messages on our online platform. These photos are then automatically gathered together as a paper magazine that is sent monthly to the elderly members of the family. This magazine, which works like a subscription, is available to users of our platform, but also to those who do not yet use our services. Both solutions (Familink Frame and Familink Magazine) can be used together or independently.

Each monthly magazine can contain up to 30 photos from the whole family: the number of users is unlimited. The layout is done automatically by Familink.

How does it work?

  1. Log in to your account and follow the steps to subscribe.
  2. Send your photos throughout the month from your smartphone or your computer.
  3. Choose the photos you want to appear in the next magazine.
  4. On the last day of each month, Familink automatically formats your photos to create the journal.
  5. Your journal is then sent to the person of your choice within 7 days.

Suitable for all people, for all generations

The Familink Magazine  by Familink, €5,90 per month. More info on our help center