On-Demand Photo Print API

Familink for developers: the API to easily order your photo prints online and ship them worldwide


Familink is an innovative company that has developed a complete solution for individuals to share photos, in digital or paper format.

In 2023, we decided to open an API allowing developers to order prints of photos in 2 formats: 10x15 cm (4x6’) and 15x20 cm (6x8’) with ease. Familink can make life easier for developers and end-users by offering a fast and efficient solution for ordering photo prints, with worldwide shipping and fast photo printing and shipping time.

The Familink API offers developers a quick and easy way to order high-quality photo prints by integrating this functionality directly into their applications or websites. Here are the main features of the Familink API:

  1. Print sizes: 10x15 cm (4x6’) and 15x20 cm (6x8’). From $0.20 / print.
  2. Print quality: high resolution for sharp and colorful pictures
  3. Compatibility: the API is a REST API in JSON format. The photos are transmitted by sending a list of URLs, the chosen format and the quantities.
  4. Security: The data transmission is done by SSL encryption and the photos are automatically deleted after printing
  5. Worldwide shipping: Familink offers international shipping to meet the needs of its customers all over the world
  6. Fast printing and shipping time: prints are printed and shipped within one business day, all year round
  7. Order tracking. 2 types of shipment: conventional and tracked.

By using the Familink API, developers can enjoy several benefits, such as:

  1. Simplicity of integration: the API is easy to integrate into any application or website, saving development time and effort
  2. Flexibility: developers can customize the photo ordering interface according to the specific needs of their application or website
  3. Optimized processing time: Familink API helps to reduce photo print order processing time by automating the process
  4. Enhanced user experience: by integrating Familink API, developers can offer their end-users a convenient and efficient solution to order photo prints directly from their application or website
  5. Fast and international shipping: Familink guarantees worldwide shipping and fast printing of your photo prints. Paper prints are printed in our laboratory in Rouen, France.


From $0.20 per photo shipped. Contact us by clicking here to get a detailed price list


Documentation can be downloaded here

Exemple of API request to make a new order:

curl --location 'https://web.familinkframe.com/api/prints/external-order' \
--header 'Authorization: Token <FAMILINK_API_TOKEN>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{
	"sandbox": true,
    "recipient": {
        "company": "Siemens",
        "first_name": "John",
        "last_name": "Doe",
        "address_1": "Pariser Platz 4A",
        "address_2": "",
        "city": "Berlin",
        "postal_or_zip_code": "10117",
        "state": "",
        "country_code": "DE"
    "merchant_reference": "<YOUR_MERCHANT_REFERENCE_FOR_THIS_ORDER>",
    "photos": [
            "url": "https://yourwebsite.com/api/photo1.jpg",
            "copies": 2,
            "format": "10x15cm"
            "url": "https://yourwebsite.com/api/photo2.jpg",
            "copies": 1,
            "format": "15x20cm"


We are pleased to be among the early adopters of Familink’s Photo Print API. It’s easy to integrate, offers great prices, and boasts incredible reliability. Thanks to the Familink Team, passport-selfie.com can now effortlessly ship biometric passport photos across Europe on-demand. Our customers can enjoy high-quality photos, delivered in sturdy packaging, right to their doorsteps

Timur Amirov Managing Director @ passport-selfie.com

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If you are interested in the Familink API and would like to obtain pricing for this service, please contact us. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with all the information you need to integrate the Familink API in your projects.