Send your pictures via Messenger!

on 2018-10-29

You can now send pictures via Facebook Messenger.

With this functionality, you will now be able to send your photos on your Familink device the same way you would send a picture on Facebook Messenger.

Some things to know:

  • It is not possible to send pictures on several frames via Messenger. If you own several Familink frames, you will have to chose the one you want to pair with Facebook Messenger.
  • It is not possible yet to create a Facebook Messenger group for your frame.
  • When sending picture this way, you accept the fact that your pictures are stocked on Facebook servers. They are obviously secure and non-accessible.

Here is the process:

  1. Get the Messenger code of your frame, go on our Web sending picture interface. Pick a device by clicking on it. The Messenger association code will display (here ABCD-EFGH):
  2. Log on to our Facebook page and start the conversation (do not forget to like the page!):
  3. Follow the instructions:

Please note that this functionality is available in Beta version and we are working on the integration of Whatsapp.